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The Toronto Tech Show has many speaks send in for spots each year, and selects the best in the fields they represent. In addition, 12 individuals are honored as the main speakers - each being granted his or her own exhibit hall to speak and express there vision, perspective, and techniques with conference attendees.

Lets see what we can bring to life

The first day of TTS is going to come out strong with entertainment as the first theme of the day Matt phillips talking about animation bringing art to life right infront of your eyes.

Photo of Peter Govain


Modern Animation

Bringing characters to literal motion right infront of your eyes Peter Govain talks about modern animation techniques and the technology involed in the processes of there creation.

Our modern Interface

The second day of TTS is going to start with Curt Blake talking about all the code can build and bring to life,that which we use now more than anything else the world wide web

Photo of Curt Blake


What lies beneath

Watch Curt Blake show you the wonders of code in the 21st century and how more than every it is more accessible and easy to get into learning and using doing a live demonstration of what it can bring to life.

Building towards our future

The third day of TTS is going to forcus on long term benfits of technology with people. Walt Tam speaks of safety and efficency while Jade Tierney speaks of how it can aid people towards learning

Photo of Walt Tam

9:30 to 10:30 am

Leaps in Environmental engineering

Walt tam speaks on technical aspects of envrionmental designing from thermal dynamics to roofs with grass on them.

Photo of Jade Tierney

10:45 to 12:00 pm

Learning should be fun

Jade Tierney is a firm beleiver that learning should not be treating technology as a diversion but rather an aid. In her speach and presentation she will go over ways te that chnology will help instead of hinder in classrooms.

The buisness of technology

The forth day focus's on the buisness side of the technelogical world as tech analyst Tim Florance talks about prediciting what technology will be developed and sold comercially in the future.

Photo of Tim Florance

10:45 to 12:00 pm

Predicting the future

Tim Florance a tech analyst explains the technical side of the buisness world. When and why a product or service will succeed or fail in the marketplace, and goes in depth on how one can predict these trends.

All day

Open Exhibit and Meet the Speakers

Roam the halls freely throughout the day and get a closer look at the widely diverse exhibition from students all around the world. Go in a for a closer look at the pieces that really speak to you, and even talk one-on-one with some of today's most skilled and respected engineers. It's an techie's day in paradise.