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Walt Tam

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Walt decided early in life with all the news of pollution and the effect it has on the world and it's people, that he wanted to do something about it and after much deliberation decided to became an environmental engineer. Since that decision he has obtained his degree and has become a driving force for workplace standards all over canada.You won't find another more familiar with the hazmat system than Walt Tam.

Tim Florance

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Tim Florance with a bachelors in buisness has worked for years as a tech analyst reviewing data predicting what would be to come in the buisness world he explains how often the past does repeat itself in the market and those past trends help to plot th course that technology will sell and what will be popular at different times.

Curt Blake

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Curt Blake revels in the wonders of code in the 21st century and how now more than ever it is more accessible and easy to get into. Curt Blake being solely self taught shares the most efficent ways he has found to go about learning the main scripting languages of the web. He will be covering what in his opinion is best for building different applications so that you can accomplish with them what you wish in a timely manner on your own. To with a informed mind decide if learning the languages of the web is right for you without having to bankrupt yourself for your efforts.

Peter Govain

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Working in the animation industry Peter Govain trained in both traditional and current trends of animation. His speech and exhibition cover the technologyin both 2D and 3D workflows.As well as a live demonstration setup to display the differences from the past processes of animation to the current using the advanced programs of today that allow animation to be done in a faster, efficent manner.

Jade Tierney

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Jade Tierney coming from backgound in teaching has choosen integration of technology in her courses instead of opposition showing positive results for her efforts she elaborates on why in detail how it can be further integrated in even early childhood education beyond just plain learning tv shows, and why we should contiune advancement in this fashion so each generation will be more intelligent then the one before it.